Ignite Your Light

“Ignite Your Light”

Exploring Burnout Syndrome
By: Jenn Stepic M.A.

​There once was a girl named Jane, whose overzealous nature led to a career in medicine. During her school years, Jane could always be found at the top of her class, impressing the university scholars and her peers. Soon, Jane landed her dream job at a well-known hospital. As years passed, Jane’s enthusiasm dwindled and her co-workers could see, she had lost her luster. Her mornings were met with exhaustion and dread. Jane’s staff meetings were accompanied with cynical remarks and pessimism. Instead of feeling a sense of accomplishment at each day’s end, she felt ineffective and useless. Simply put, Jane was burnt out.
​Just like Jane, many career professionals are met with similar signs and symptoms of burnout.

Burnout was first devised in the 1970s and was used to describe the negative effects of extreme stress and the high standards that helping professionals often face. Today, burnout has the ability to affect all people, from housewives to famous celebrities (2013). For a genuine burnout victim, their happiness, quality of life, and health may be compromised (Carter, 2012).

Instead of turning complacent, one can incorporate various strategies to overcome this monster. Use the weekend as a time to rejuvenate oneself from the stress experienced during the work week. Sleeping in, eating right, and engaging in stress reducing activities can give one the break they are craving. Bringing work home can light the match that ignites burnout. So avoid communication that involves work related duties, such as emails, phone calls, and text messages. If one finds these tools ineffective, packing one’s bags for a vacation to the tropics could also be helpful (Carter, 2012).
​If the morning alarm clock still seems more like a sentence than an opportunity, you may be experiencing severe burnout. Talking to a therapist can help one explore ways to rediscover oneself.

Contact Healing Hidden Hurts at 888.349.1116 to schedule an appointment.
Carter, S. (2012). Where Do You Fall on the Burnout Continuum?
(2013). What is Burnout Syndrome?


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Healing Hidden Hurts, founded by Camishe Nunley, is an agency dedicated to the quality of treatment for trauma survivors for adolescents and adult trauma survivors. HHH is located in Carmel with satellite offices in Noblesville, Fishers, Greenwood and Plainfield, In. We specialize in individual, group, family and marital therapy.
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