Stress Reduction: Is It Really Possible?

Stress Reduction: Is it Possible?
By: Beth Willhouse Goodrich

Stress – unfortunately it is a word that too many people understand. We live in a society where stress seems to be the norm because so many things that cause stress are encouraged or even expected. Today people are expected to always be willing to do more – more work, serve on more committees, enroll their children in more activities. Enough, already!! We need to take a step back and realize that we are human and all humans’ have limits.

People who know me well, know one of my favorite words is “boundaries”. Knowing your boundaries and respecting them is a big stress reliever. It will also help with your self – esteem! When someone asks you to serve on one more committee in which you don’t have time, give yourself permission to say “no”. When you are feeling overwhelmed, give yourself permission to turn your cell phone on mute and take a break. I promise the world will not end!

When you find yourself feeling stressed, pause and really think about what is causing your stress and then determine what you can do to alleviate it. Some things will always be out of your control. However if you try, you can think of things to improve the situation. For example, if you agreed to host an event and you feel overwhelmed by it, ask for help or scale down the event. That can at least take away some of the pressure and reduce your stress.

According to WebMD, other things you can do to reduce stress are meditate, breathe deeply, be present (slow down and only focus on one thing), reach out (talk to someone), tune in to your body (try to determine where/how stress affects your body), and decompress (especially focus on the places where your body is affected).

To find out more ways you can reduce stress, I recommend a stress reduction workshop and/or therapy. At Healing Your Hidden Hurts, we are here to help! Contact us at 888.349.1116 or to schedule your first appointment and to learn more about our September 8, 2014 Stress Reduction workshop.


About healinghiddenhurts

Healing Hidden Hurts, founded by Camishe Nunley, is an agency dedicated to the quality of treatment for trauma survivors for adolescents and adult trauma survivors. HHH is located in Carmel with satellite offices in Noblesville, Fishers, Greenwood and Plainfield, In. We specialize in individual, group, family and marital therapy.
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